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RVsitebuilder - overview

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RVsitebuilder is a tool designed to help you create easy and fast a website. In this article you will find an overview of the main options in RVsitebuilder.

- Starting out with RVsitebuilder
- Managing pages and menu
- Customizing pages
- Customizing header, menu, and footer
- Saving changes and publishing your website

Starting out with RVsitebuilder 

Login to your cPanel account and go to Software >> RVsitebuilder.

In the window that is opening enter the details about your website (at least the required field - Site Name), then choose your website type.

Depending on the category chosen in the previous step, you will be shown templates that you can add to your website. You can also select a template from other categories.

Hover over the template you like and click on Preview if you want to see first how it would look on your website or click on Select Template if you want to use it for your website.

After you select the template you want, you can start customizing your website. You can make changes to text, fonts, layout, images etc.

Managing pages and menu

In order to manage current pages and the menu bar, you need to go to Page Setting.

In front of every page you will notice 2 or 3 icons, depending on the page, representing:

 - the page which has assigned this icon is the homepage; - you can make changes to a page by clicking this icon; - in order to make general settings over a page you have to click on this icon.In order to rearrange pages all you have to do is to click on its name and drag it where you want it to be.

If you want to set a subpage you just need to click on its name and drag it on the right side under the page you want it to be placed.

For pages under Page Setting, by clicking on the settings icon -  - you will be shown the following options:

Set as home
Set link to another page
Duplicate page
Set as draft
Set as internal page
Edit CSS

For pages under Internal Page by clicking the settings icon -  - you will be shown the following options:

Move to navigation
Edit CSS

If you want to add a new page click on the green button Add a new page, then enter its name and click on Add.

Customizing pages

In order to add elements within a page click on Section and select the category corresponding to the element you want to add.

From the specific category choose the element you need and drag it into your page.

In order to edit the content of a page, you need to click on the section corresponding to the element you want to edit. You can make changes using the tools from the box located on the right side.

In order to make changes to blocks click on the black bar.

In order to make changes to sections click on the blue bar.

Section categories

If you want to enter a section into your website, you will be able to choose from the following categories:

General: it contains different types of content boxes consisting of texts, images, buttons;

 List: here you have sections containing different types of lists;

- Image: in this category there are sections consisting of texts and images;

- Team: if you want to present the members of your team you should be able to find the right section in this category;

- Pricing: if you want to include plans on your site to present your offer you can use options from this category;

- Contact: these contact information blocks will help you show details about how your customers can get in touch with you;

- Table: if you want to add tables you have to select one of these sections;

- Video: from here you can choose a section in which to present video materials;

- Full Block: you can choose different types of blocks;

- Form: contact forms are available in this category;

- Social: you can add different types of blocks related to Facebook - comments section, like and share buttons, a page's timeline, etc.;

- Blank: these sections allow you to customize empty blocks the way you want them to.

Customizing header, menu, and footer

In order to change the header, you need to go to Design >> Header.

Banner: this option allows you to change or edit the image;
Transition Effects: you can apply different effects to the image;
Space: allows you to set a space above the header, color it, and set the layout for the image;
Brand: you can enter the logo, name, and the slogan of your company;

You can change the menu by going to Design >> Navigation.

Layout: it allows rearranging elements from the header and from the menu in your favorite position;
Style: you can edit the style of the menu from this section;
Submenu Level1: you can customize the submenu using these options;
Submenu Level2: 
you can customize the second level submenu using these options.

In order to change the footer, you can navigate to Design >> Footer.

Style: you can edit colors, fonts, and sizes from this section;
Contact Information: you can enter the contact information here;
Footer Navigation: if you check this box the pages from the menu will be shown in the footer;
Additional Information: you enter additional information in this field;
Copyright: you can edit the copyright text in the Copyright section;
Social Icons: you can enter links to social media profiles corresponding to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram.

Saving changes and publishing your website

If you finished making changes to your website, you have three options available: make it public by clicking on the Publish button, you can view its final form before publishing it by clicking Preview or you can save it and make later changes to it by clicking the Save button.

If you choose to publish it you will see a window in which you will have to select the domain you want to assign to your website. After you finish, click on Publish.

If you experience any issues or for any additional questions you can always contact us at

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