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Email Routing

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Email routing is very important when it comes to receiving messages. Normally, these settings should be seldom checked, only if the server where emails are delivered is changed.

In order to check or change these settings you have to go to cPanel >> Email >> Email Routing.

Below you have details about every option available:

  • Automatically Detect Configuration: this option is used when you are not sure if the delivery is made locally or on an external mail server, but it is not recommended because it may cause delivery problems between domains hosted on the same server or between external email addresses. These situations are rare, but this way they can be avoided.
  • Local Mail Exchanger: if the emails need to be delivered to our server, you should use this option. We are referring to MX records associated with the domain similar to,,, or and they point to our server.
  • Backup Mail Exchanger: in case you have a primary mail server and a secondary server, this option allows you to set the secondary one. This choice is not compatible with the hosting plans offered by ROMARG.
  • Remote: this option should be used if you want the emails to be delivered to an external server.

To make the change you just need to select the option you want and click Change.

If you experience any issues or for any additional questions you can always contact us at

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