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How to set up individual email account filters

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If you need to set an email filter for a domain-based email account you can set up a filter at the server level.

In order to be able to create such a filter you need to go to cPanel >> Email >> Email Filters. Here you will be able to view the list of email accounts.


In order to manage the filters of an account you can use the option Manage Filters, located next to every email address. If you want to learn how to email filters for the domain you should read this article

1. Click Create a New Filter then enter the details for this filter:

- Name: type the name of your filter; it is recommended to use a descriptive name to be able to recognize it later;

- Rules: are used to filter the email; more explanations about the available rules you will find in this article;

- Actions: these are the instructions for the server to know what to do when an email meets the criteria set above.

2. Click Create to add the filter.

Test the filter: After you created an email filter you can run a test from the section Filter test. It is sufficient to add the details in accordance with the filters you set and you will receive a message regarding the action that was or was not taken upon the email, depending on the filter and the data used for testing.

In order to edit or delete an email filter, you can do it from the Current Filters section where you will find the buttons corresponding to these two actions.

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